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Our offer is addressed to companies that make investments in intellectual property and new technologies, personal data, advertisement and media, including sport. We also assist natural persons in cases related to the protection of personal interests, targeting our services in particular at public persons whose personal interests were violated by the media. We offer advice for sports clubs in their daily legal affairs. More about industries for which we address our offer can be found under the following link.

Remuneration, translation, travel, costs

We do not collect remuneration for the first meeting or a general discussion about the business needs which our services could fulfil. 

We do not collect remuneration for ongoing telephone contacts unless this is a longer tele-conference which may be organised on our tele-conference platform.

In principle, we do not charge for travel from the registered office of the company to the Client’s location, negotiations, court session, etc. unless this is an urgent and unexpected situation, e.g. the necessity of looking through the files in the prosecution office in relation to the approaching deadline for filing a complaint, urgent submission of a procedural writ in the registry office of the court or another institution.

Our remuneration is charged hourly or as a monthly flat fee.

Sometimes, we also determine that a certain part of the remuneration is success-based or dependant on the scale of savings that were made. We most often evaluate the potential budget of a commission, such as: the court case budget, negotiations, transaction, agreement, work on the agreement, mediations, etc. We determine the remuneration for on-line advice separately and according to a specific procedure contained in the regulations. 

As a rule, the hourly rate or the flat fee contains office costs which are sustained in relation to provision of legal services for the client, such as: costs of paper, telephone calls, post correspondence in Poland, envelopes, ink cartridges, etc.

However, it may happen that in certain situations these costs exceed the standard amount. In such case, we collect material costs or costs of correspondence before their prior determination with the client.

The Law Firm uses the services of a professional translation office on the basis of ongoing cooperation agreement with a confidentiality clause.

The cost of professional or certified translation is calculated separately at the translator’s rate about which we inform the client in advance. During verification of a translation (apart from certified translations) we make an additional charge for our verification of the translation’s correctness to make it accurate from the legal point of view.

As part of the remuneration, we provide the clients with access to the Electronic Client Zone of the Law Firm.

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