About us

Some statistical data

The Law Firm was established in September 2011.

We offer advice for clients from Poland, the European Union, the USA and Canada

We represent technological companies, training companies, television broadcasters, software distributors and fashion and film celebrities, as well as start-up companies.


We do not like to stand at the side and advise from the outsider’s position

We are actively involved in business “on the frontline.”

Thanks to the experience of the Law Firm’s lawyers and innovation, we are trying to provide our clients with market advantage.

We are involved, as legal experts, in the legislative processes intended to introduce socially and commercially favourable changes in the law.

We represent legal interests of clients in the structures of employers’ organisation where they are members.

We run a popular website, PrawoAutorskie.pl. which is a valuable source of information about intellectual property.

Electronic Customer Zone

We take care of the natural environment. We have limited paper correspondence to the absolute minimum

Thanks to the Electronic Client Zone, we allow 24-hour access to the documents via a computer, a laptop or a smart phone. The Electronic Client Zone reminds the clients about most important official or court events, such as, e.g., the necessity of renewing a given trademark or the date of the next court trial. The access to the Electronic Client Zone is secured by the SSL encryption protocol with the encryption strength up to 128/256-bit.



About us

C.R.O.P.A. the TMT, IP and Sports law Firm



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